Design (investment projects elaboration) and managemen of investment projects for:

Development, repair, and reconstruction

of residential and industrial building installations, transformer substations, open and closed distribution systems, and substations 20 and 110 kV.


for control visualization and data collection (SCADA); cogeneration systems


Photovoltaic electric power plants and systems

Modular block thermal power plants

Modular block thermal power plants with microturbines; Modular block thermal power plants with internal combustion engines.

Thermoelectric power plants

from natural gas, biogas, synthetic gas, and other fuels


for production, purification, and enrichment of biogas; pyrolysis and gasification installations; installations for the production of synthetic fuels from hydrogen.

Our Pojects

AB Engineering Sofia has 10 years of experience in the construction of power plants for the production of electricity from biomass, as well as in the construction of hybrid photovoltaic power plants.

Photovoltaic System Vidin

“Elvi” Ltd

“Biona Gas” Ltd

Autonomous hybrid photovoltaic power plant